The SGS 40X24 is a mobile stage
that can be set up in 30 minutes and
is supported by 156000 pounds of
stabilization jacks. This stage is the
motivation for our companies name.

***Call about show site requirements
***Roof option available
SGS 40X24
Wenger Showmaster
Our Wenger Showmaster stage
supports 6000 pounds per deck. This
stage is a minimum of 4 ft tall and
meets the toughest requirements.
Give us a call with the size that your
event needs.
SGS 24X20
Our SGS 24X20 stage can be set up
in less than 10 minutes. It is a very
stable and incredibly fast stage.

***Call about show site requirements
***Roof option available
Stageright Z800 HD
Our Stageright decks are lightweight
and very sturdy. Let us know if you
want a black finish or carpet finish.
SGS 24X16
Our SGS 24X16 stage was designed
to be set up faster than traditional
stage decks. This stage was also
designed with your budget in mind.

***Call about show site requirements
***Roof option available
Wenger Stage with
Load Bearing Roof
If you want to put on a huge event this
is the stage and roof for you. Fully
load bearing and ready to go.
Wenger Showmobile
with Hydraulic Roof
The Wenger Showmobile can be set
up in 10 minutes with one person.
With a 20' roof height it will make your
show look huge. Many options
available ADA Wheelchair lift, extra
decks, built in florescent and
incandescent lighting.